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Where am I?

You probably got here from the Revolva website. If not, Revolva's bio is included below. In a nutshell, she's a longtime, international hula hoop act, and her rock-store is dedicated to bringing hoopers, movers and shakers the hottest dance-friendly gear, hoops and classes (coming soon) and more — in a lighthearted, way. In other words, the crazy jumpsuits come with free banter. Feel free to check back often for the latest and greatest finds!

Who's that girl?

REVOLVA first hit the stage at age four in a Detroit-area ballet class. After a lifetime of dancing, acting and word slinging (she doubles as a writer), she added hoops to her repertoire in 2002. Audiences as far away as Europe and Asia have never been the same. While she can blow crowds away away freestyling to live music, she really shines with her signature, over-the-top character numbers. Her mantra? “Funny IS sexy!”

Now based in Oakland, CA, Revolva has rocked the stage with troupes such as: Circus Artemis, Portland Women’s Circus (which she co-founded in 2009), New Old Time Chautauqua Vaudeville Tour, and Wanderlust Circus - served as opening/support entertainment for bands such as OK GoWeird Al Yankovic and Los Straitjackets– and been nabbed as a hot act by big-name clients such as Google and Ubuntu. She has also won the 2010 “Fire Idol” competition at Burning Man, served as the 2011 face of Synergy Fire Hoops, won a 2012 international Hoopie Award, and earned The Busking Project’s top pick award in the 2011 “How do you contribute to public space?” contest.

Being a role model for girls and women is of paramount importance to Revolva. That’s why you’ll find her exploding onto the stage with tight technical skills and extra humor, sometimes talking into a mic instead of just doing a beautiful dance, and staying long after the show’s over to chat with any audience members who need to meet a female comedy variety act (a genre often dominated by male performers). Blessed with the super power of creating stories, Revolva continues to travel the world, fusing hoop skills with writing chops to prove that storytelling and the movement arts are a truly dynamic duo.